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AxCrypt 1.7.3156

Updated on January 18, 2014
Easy to use password protection for files using strong encryption, integrated with Windows Explorer. Encrypt, compress, decrypt, wipe, view and edit with a few mouse clicks. Cryptographic primitives are AES-128 and SHA-1.
Publisher: Axantum Software AB  
  • User Rating: 4/5 (211)
  • OS: Windows - 3.33MB
  • Licence: Freeware
  • Date Added: January 16, 2014
  • Release status: New Release
AxCrypt 1.7.3156

AxCrypt 1.7.3156 Description:

“Password protect files with strong encryption and one click operation”

4 stars rating for AxCrypt Password protection for files using strong encryption for Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7/2008 using the AES algorithm with 128-bit keys.

AxCrypt combines strong symmetric encryption with compression and double-click editing/viewing.

Encrypted files have a '.AXX' extension added to their names, and are shown with a new icon.

To encrypt a file, right-click AxCrypt in Windows Explorer and select 'AxCrypt | Encrypt'.

To edit or view an encrypted file - just double-click it.

To decrypt, right-click and select 'AxCrypt | Decrypt' instead.

No configuration is necessary. Run the installer, and AxCrypt is ready to use.

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian or Swedish will be used for messages and dialogues depending on the language of the system. Documentation and installation scripts are in English.


The following are features that really set AxCrypt apart from other file encryption tools, commercial as well as free:

- Double-click to edit/view with any application, with automatic re-encryption when done.

- Extensive optional command-line interface for scripting and programming.

- Integrated shredder.

- Use a regular passphrase and/or a strong key-file.

- Self-decrypting files supported.

- 12 languages in one executable distribution.

- No options or user interface - easy to install and use.

- Absolutely no configuration needed - just use it.

- Secure memory handling - no keys or data in the paging file
- Private branding support for commercial or corporate versions.

- Open source under GNU GPL.

- Builds with VC++ Express 2010, only free tools required for development!.

Change info: Finnish Language, bug fixes and improvements - see the release notes and change log for details.

System requirements: Windows XP/2003 or higher